Feel Safe


 Dear friends,
Thank you for the trust and preference with which you have honored ……. until today. Once again, we put your own safety and that of our partners as the highest priority, against the fight to prevent the transmission and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Maintaining excellent hygiene and cleanliness standards has always been a matter of honor for our business, and we are very proud of that.
Following faithfully the official instructions of the World Health Organization, in consultation with the Ministry of Health of Greece and the responsible bodies, we have proceeded to the strict imposition of the following protection measures in our venue:


1. Avoidance of Crowding/Keeping Distances.
Both in public spaces and in the workplace, the appropriate rearrangements have been made to maintain the suggested distances.
2. Schedule for controlled attendance/departure of the public and employees, and installation of maximum capacity marking.
3. Encouraging contactless transactions, delimiting distances in the cash register area and using plexiglass between personnel-customers.
4. Appropriate training of the staff on new security measures and the use of masks, disposable gloves and fillets.
5. Placing an antiseptic solution at the entrances for public use.
6. Frequent cleaning and disinfection in all areas and especially in those most often touched such as knobs, doors, etc.
7. Use of price lists from material that can be disinfected or that is disposable. Also avoidance of shared objects on the tables.
8. Maximum capacity per table is 6 people, unless it is a family.
9. Frequent artificial or natural ventilation of the venue.
10. Use of air conditioning only with open windows and doors and without an air recirculation system.
11. Ability to receive an order “without touch” in determined places that are frequently disinfected, for take away services.
12. Use of gloves, mask and antiseptic solution by delivery distributors.
13. Keeping safe distances on the part of employees, during the service and delivery of food to the table. As well as providing for the costumers individual packages of salt, pepper, etc.
14. Recommendation for using the stairs and not the elevator for both customers and staff.


We commit to continue doing our best for your absolute safety, tirelessly and consistently. We are hoping that the experience in our restaurant will reach your highest expectations.
Have a great time!


Warmest regards,
The team of Bohemia Restaurant